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Drain Jetting

Drain Jetting for Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can cause problems in and around your property, such as nasty smells, baths and sinks backing up and not draining properly, and in severe cases blocked drains can even cause damage to pipes that might become cracked and cause flooding. If you find yourself with a recurring blocked drain, call in a professional drain engineer and get your drains cleaned with drain jetting before it turns into a real problem. Flooding causes damage to your property and possessions so best avoided.

Leaving blocked drains can mean that they get worse and it’s not uncommon to get flooded when drains are blocked and in severe cases structural damage to a property can occur as well.

Don’t leave a blocked drain or it could get worse

So if you’ve got a bit of a drain blockage, especially a recurring one, you’re better to deal with it quickly rather than leaving it to get worse so that it becomes a bigger and more expensive drainage problem.   There is no better way to do this than drain jetting.

Aside from the potential damage issues, you end up wasting a lot of  time when you have blocked drains.  You’re either waiting for baths and sinks to drain or trying to unblock them yourself with a plunger or shop bought drain cleaners (these can damage your sink or bath too).   The general symptoms outlined below are often early signs of a drainage problem or a blocked drain. Symptoms of a blocked drain can manifest in a number of ways, for instance:

  • Blocked sink
  • Blocked shower
  • Blocked toilet
  • Smelly drains
  • Baths and sinks draining slowly
  • Gurgling sounds in sinks, baths and drains

Ignoring these symptoms could result in a large bill to deal with cracked pipes, flooding and damage to property and possessions in both residential and commerical buildings, so it’s best to get it dealt with sooner rather than later.

Waste water that doesn’t drain from your drains

When your drain is blocked, the waste isn’t properly removed water flow is obstructed, leaving the waste just sitting around in your plumbing system. This is generally what causes bad smells in sinks, pipes and drains and it isn’t pleasant.

When you drain is blocked with waste for a long time, the end result might be flooding, because pressure has built up in the pipes causing cracks that result in leaks. Another unpleasant side-effect of pipes and joins blocked with waste is the joins tend to leak into cupboards below sinks etc and although these leaks are generally small, they’re unpleasant to clear up an can cause horrible damp smells and damage your possessions, so pipes blocked with waste should be sorted out.

Structural damage caused by blocked drains

The worst case scenario is that leaks in pipes in and around your house or commercial premises can cause structural damage. Subsidence can occur in properties where drains are faulty or blocked, pipes are cracked and water is seeping into the foundations of a building.

Drain jetting is a great solution to blocked drains

So how do you get rid of blocked drains, quickly and effectively and make sure your  drainage system is clean and clear and working properly? The answer is drain jetting. High-pressure drain jetting is one of the most common methods used by professional drainage engineers to remove resilient blockages from a drainage system.  It’s fairly self-explanatory and involves using a high pressure water jet to shift the waste and blockages in pipes and drains.

Drain jetting and CCTV Surveys – modern drainage technology

Draintech Essex and Suffolk are a family run business with years of experience in the drainage industry but on top of that we employ the latest technology such as drain jetting to ensure that we give our clients the very best drain cleaning service.  Our expert drainage staff are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, which enables them to to deal with the most difficult blocked drains and pipes. We also offer drain CCTV surveys to assess the drain blockage before drain jetting and after, to assure you that the drains are clear and clean.

Fast and efficient drain service in Harwich, Colchester, Essex & Suffolk

Draintech operate 24/7 throughout Essex and parts of Suffolk.  We are based in Harwich in Essex and serve Clacton, Frinton, Walton, Holland on Sea, Harwich, Wix and Ramsey but are happy to travel further into Essex to Wivenhoe, Brightlingsea, Maldon, Triptree, Braintree, Witham and Chelmford.   We offer fixed price guarantees and a 10% discount on all our drain services including drain jetting to pensioners and registered disabled customers.   Call us on 01255 886364